The Island of Earthly Delights [Unfinished]

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After experiencing shipwreck, an old fisherman finds himself stranded on an unknown island. Looking for a way home, he will have to deal with its mysteries...[ Use your mouse to move the character and explore the island. You can pick and combine objects. ]

Other things...


Hi! Thanks a lot for commenting!! (my first comment here!!)

Yes, you're right with your comments, we were commenting (with a friend) those issues with the usability (indeed I'm going to do the "uh-uh" thing). And the interactions would be highlighting with the hotspots. We didn't notice the issue with the "hitzone", I think we have to change deeply the usability of that thing.

I've seen your review in your site superlevel.de. Thanks a lot for spreading the game!

Now I'm working again with a client project and I'm thinking how to 'fix' the gameplay to make it easier and more playful. I have some ideas but It's taking a lot of time which i don't have...sadly.

Can you please help me. I don't know what to do next. I'm stuck. I found the pink flower and a stone. I threw the stone on the plant so it fell down. Now I can go up the ladder but there I can't do anything. Would you please be so kind and give me a clue.
And before I forget, I loooooove your design of the game :)

Oh! I'm sorry! I dind't see your post earlier. I'm going to write the walkthrough because it's difficult to get into the game, it's very cryptic just at the beginning. But I can't link it in the game because I've worked on it and...lost this version. In fact I'm working on another shorter game (I'm at 80% of it). I'm currently out of funds to finish this game right now, but I really want to make it in the future.

Here is the walkthrough of this game:

Thanks for playing!

Hi, I just finished this game and I confess that I had to peek at the walkthrough. I like the design very much. You could make the sailor walk a bit faster, and I would have liked it even more if I could enter the building (castle). Waiting for the next part.

I LOVE these kinds of games obviously you spent a lot of time creating it. I loved the idea of the game, but some constructive criticism. The puzzles were not logical to me. I had to use the walkthrough thru most of the game and thats no fun. possibly if the guy walked faster i would have tried more without the walkthroug. I prefer a more logical puzzle, not so cryptic. I spent too much time trying to get the keys from the gaurds and never would have guessed to feed a rock a berry. Also on a small note the snoring was way annoying. Thanks so much though, i will try your other game now.

Loved it! Can't wait for the second part. Very much samorostish. The gameplay was much better then on Rabbit fable, the slow walking part was a bit anoying.. :o) but enjoyed it.

Beautiful and I found all the animations rewarding but this is clearly your own personal logic and world at work here and it is unfortunately not accessible to most people. I would from now on present your ideas to other people for feedback to make sure that it all makes sense.

I love these games, it's funny and unusual. I'm looking forward to another game)

Beatiful game :)
Thanks a lot!

I love this as much as Samorost! I hope the next part will come soon!

Hi, i played Rabbit Fable today and went directly after finishing it to your homepage and played this one :)
I love the way how you have to think unusual, although i also found it a little too cryptical sometimes in this game, especially the part where you have to feed the stone with the berry. I didnt noticed this one before.
Lookin forward to the next parts!

good job!

Awesome game, i love it :) I also play a rabbit fable and it was awesome too. Thanks for the game.

Woa, it's strange, but I liked a lot!

Thanks for the game!

Hi, just finished the game (unfortunately with the help of walkthrough) XD But it was fun nonetheless, and I found many surprises along the way, especially that blue birdy thing with the very long tongue hahahah~

But some spots were just too impossible to find. I mean, without the walkthrough I wouldn't know that he's supposed to feed the STONE with the little red fruit, maybe a little highlight might do?

Anyway, I'm curious of what's going to happen next! Keep it up guys, there's a lot of brilliant ideas in this game :D
Hope to see the next part soon! I think I'm going to try your other games~

Please finish this game! I've played the first part about twenty times now! I've also played A Rabbit Fable about the same number of times. I've noticed you've recently got rid of the medal gets.

Just a black screen for me, and I have the latest version of Flash Player 11.7.700.169, so not sure what is not working on my end. Tried also Rabbit Fable, but only got a grey screen. The artwork/graphics are very nice in the screen shots.

I loved this game! I really enjoyed the art. For me it was like walking through a fabulous mystery magic land and I definitely need more of it :)

I love this! The art, the music, the characters were just so perfect! So stoked for part 2!

Cool game - that was fun. Almost gave up so peeking at walkthrough is pretty essential unfortunately. Not sure what you could do to make it actually solvable, I mean, red fruit in stone...how are you supposed to guess that? ;)

Creature design is awesome


I hope you're still working on it! Really like this game :)

All of these games are beautiful to look at. The Rabbit Fable made a bit more logical sense than this one, which made this one hard to complete without a walkthrough. My rabbit got stuck a few times (behind the rock getting the old man achievement) but there were no glitches here, so great beta. Looking forward to the rest of the games.

I love it!
Beautiful, mysterious and beautiful!!!! :)

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