The Island of Earthly Delights Walkthrough


You wake up in the island.

Pick the little stone near the other big ones.
Take the pink flowers.
Now, use the compass from your pocket in the third window (the one nearest the pines).
Mix the pink flowers with the red pipe that the white man gave you.
Go to the back of the building (behind the pines)
Use the stone with the plant in the roof.
Now you can use the ladders.
Go to the roof and use the red pipe with the fire to light it up.
Give the pipe to the pink gnome, he will broke the chains a free his friends.
Pick the black box that he threw to you.
Go back to the floor and use the black box with the little window.
A strange cat with play some music. Now steal his magical sock (click on it, the left one, while his playing the music).
Use the magic sock with the spade, then with the scissors.
Go back to the roof and pick the shackle with the magic sock.
Now you got a bigger inventory (a sock).
Go to the other side of the coast, where the white guard is sleeping.
Use the scissors with the bush. He will pick a red fruit.
Use it with the stone, it will eat it.
Click on the stone and it will show you a place.
Use the spade right there: down the rock, and make a hole.
And surprise! It will appear a strange totem.
Use the black box again with it.
Now you got an amulet.
Cut the cord (tongue) with the scissors, and mix it with the shackle.
Use the shackle with the flower that is alone in the water...and don't be scary.
The end!

This is the first part of the game. I plan to continue with it when I could get some founds. But first I want to make shorter games.

Thanks for playing.

by antipirina